Prayer for the Day - Friday January 23

Bible Verse: "He did not create it a chaos, he created it to be inhabited" - Isaiah 45:19

Reflection: Chaos is no theory, it is a psychic reality that constantly threatens to destroy and damage all that leads to wholeness. When God, in another Psalm, crushes the head of Leviathan he is in effect the great symbol of chaos. Today's text indicates one way to del with chaos - to inhabit it, not to flee but to stay but in community with others.

Prayer: O Lord, there is chaos in many aspects of my life that tend to cripple and paralyze me; in those chaotic places to I invite you to come dwell with me and I will ask others to be present also. Amen

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Turin Shroud

Though my faith does not rest upon the authenticity of the Turin Shroud and though the practice of relics has never been part of my spiritual journey yet the story and debate about the Shroud has always fascinated me. It has been no problem for me to accept its authenticity and I rather like the image of resurrection power acting like some power almost unknown to man.

Quite recently another study as published arguing for the authenticity of the scrolls, it's worth reading.

So perhaps I am a crypto-conservative pre-Vatican Roman Catholic somewhere very deep down and well hidden in this evangelical body. I doubt this really; I remember when I was asked to kiss a relic of King Charles in a church not too far from here - my thought, and later comment, was, "I try not to kiss anything without some form of identification!

I think, at heart, I am thrilled by the possibility of seeing resurrection power so tangibly at work though I know it is as much at work in the hearts and lives of women and men throughout the ages and in my life today. And, I suppose, the possibility that here is the face of Jesus... well!

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