Tuesday, July 26, 2011

AA - Accepting Ambiguities

One of the joys of our regular Morning Prayer is that we welcome unexpected visitors who come with fresh experiences of God and perspectives on the divine.

By the way, Morning Prayer is every morning at 8:30am Monday-Friday - please try and make it sometime!

Anyway, this morning I met S. I was really excited to learn that S. had been baptized earlier this year and then was ready to identify with that mystery of the Episcopal Church/The Anglican Communion.

I asked, of course, what had precipitated or propelled S. into such a decision; she responded, "I want to accept the ambiguities of life". WOW! KAPOW! Blinding lights! Cosmic disclosures! I reckon this to be a most significant and unique aspect of the Anglican Communion; not better nor worse than other denominations but just perfect for many on their spiritual journeys. Our Christ-centred faith has at its centre the God/Man of Jesus; our Biblical faith has at its centre a book written by human hand but constantly conveying the dibine; our sacramental faith has at its centre earthy elements of bread and wine conveying to the receiver the benefits of feeding upon the Body and Blood of Christ... and so I could continue!

Canon John Westerhoff once said, "If you do not love paradox, do not become an Anglican"!

When I am not accepting the ambiguities of life, I know that I become rather a frightful person with whom to live and work; denying the conflict within, I turn to others and expect a thorough-going consistency between belief and practice!

Like S. I am nurtured to be in a community that allows articulation of observing, experiencing and living with ambiguities. And I want a community that tells me that one day these ambiguities will be resolved and that, praise God, they often show themselves in daily living - even today!

Thank you, S.

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